Reconfigurable Flight Training Device (RFTD)

One of the newer and more exciting products offered by ASI is our line of RFTDs, or Reconfigurable Flight Training Devices. These training units incorporate approved Operational  Flight Training software and actual aircraft flight controls, rudder/brake pedals, throttle quadrant and seats to provide the same look and feel of an OFT at a fraction of the price. We offer both Fixed Wing and a Rotary Reconfigurable Flight Training Devices.


Instructor Operator Station (IOS)

ASI’s IOS is a versatile, comprehensive, intuitive tool that gives users full authority over trainer functionality and the training experience. The ASI IOS is simple in design, yet highly developed in functionality. The ASI IOS is a highly responsive, versatile machine, easily accommodating the evolutionary growth of most training systems. For more information, click on the image to the left.


Brief/Debrief System (BDS)

The Brief/Debrief System (BDS) allows instructors and users to capture the flight data generated during a flight simulator session.  The data includes video, audio, all flight maneuvers, instrument repeaters, and malfunctions performed during the training session.  ASI had delivered the BDS to the U.S. Coast Guard for the HC-144A Operational Flight Trainer.  The BDS is available as a COTS product and can be tailored to meet the requirements of any number of flight training and maintenance training devices.


 Click on the image to the right for more information.



Simulator Components

Over the years ASI has become quite skilled at designing and crafting various components for a variety of aircraft simulators. If it has appeared on one of our simulators, chances are we can make you one. Click the image to the left for a full listing of the aircraft we can provide components for