Brief/Debrief System


  • A versatile, comprehensive and intuitive tool that provides full featured Briefing and Debriefing capabilities, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of simulator sessions 
  • A proven ASI system successfully fielded on the USCG HC-144A Operational Flight Trainer and Reconfigurable Flight Training Device
  • Designed for new trainers and for upgrades of existing flight training systems 
  • Easy integration into existing trainers providing new functionality or replacement of legacy Debrief systems 
  • Provides the latest technology for student performance evaluation, feedback and record keeping, accelerating the accomplishment of defined training objectives 
  • Provides common look and operation with ASI’s Instructor Operator Station 

Technology and Interfaces 

  • Available as a configurable ASI product 
  • Can be tailored for program specific requirements 
  • Debrief application is based upon the Qt C++ cross-platform application and User Interface (UI) framework running on Windows or Linux
  • Engine provides an integrated runtime editor and allows for on-the-fly customization of the UI for program specific requirements using a suite of plugin-based UI controls, including:
    • Buttons, images, text labels, progress bars, sliders, LEDs, approach plates/FLIPs, graphical plots, maps, procedure checklists, media players, containers and primitives
  • Uses the same UI and map engines as ASI’s Instructor Operator Station for commonality
  • Uses the latest in display, processing, interconnectivity and touch input technology 
  • Interfaces through Ethernet connections 
  • Supports typical Information Assurance requirements 


  • Allows capture of visual, instrument and flight data during a training session 
  • Allows mission playback for recorded training sessions
  • Record, Stop and Pause recordings and add Event Marks during training session 
  • Multiple audio and video inputs are synchronized with recorded Host Computer data 
    • Cockpit instruments, over-the-shoulder cameras, Moving Maps, aural cues and audio communications and an Out The Window (OTW) viewer generated through a single dedicated channel image generator 
  • Provides a high resolution, photo-realistic graphical depiction of aircraft instruments 
  • Selectable aircraft views support any viewing position improving training effectiveness 
  • Variety of recorded streams are available for display: 
    • Cross Country Maps, Approach Maps, GCA/CCA Maps 
    • Current Conditions data and Environmental data 
    • Over-the-shoulder camera data
    • Out The Window (OTW) displays
    • Primary Flight Displays and other session data 
  • Large screen presentation format is available, dependent upon available facility space