Blade Element Model

ASI has over thirty years of experience in delivering high-fidelity rotary wing and fixed wing flight dynamics models to military and commercial simulation customers.  Included in ASI’s product line is a high-fidelity Blade Element Model (BEM) that has been used on several H-53 (S-65) and H-60 (S-70) simulators for both US and foreign militaries.  One of our programs required implementation of our BEM into a FAA Level-D equivalent device that was certified by Sikorsky flight test pilots and engineers. 

The ASI BEM has the following features:

  • Replacement for older low-fidelity rotor models on existing devices
  • Incorporation in new devices requiring Level-D fidelity
  • Will support Level-D ATG/QTG requirements
  • Supports interactions with complex atmosphere and wind environments
  • Can be configured to support many types of rotary wing aircraft
  • Angle of attack and airspeed components at each blade segment are determined from airframe motion, rotor speed, blade motion, downwash, etc.  Combined with blade pitch angle, the segment aerodynamic characteristics are determined and summed over the blade.
  • Total rotor forces and moments are summed from the aerodynamic, mass, and inertia loads acting on each simulated blade.