AH-1W Weapon Systems Trainer (WST)

Customer: U.S. Marine Corps, Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD)

User:  Marine Air Group (MAG) 39 in Camp Pendleton, CA and MAG 29 in New River, NC

ASI was awarded the AH-1W Weapon Systems Trainer (WST) Technical and Visual Upgrade Program on 24 September 2014.  The program requires updating Devices 2F136A S/N-1 and S/N-2 at MCAS New River, NC and MCAS Camp Pendleton, CA respectively.

The AH-1W WSTs include separate domes for the pilot and co-pilot/gunner, each with their individual cockpit environments and controls. The requirement includes upgrading devices in both California and North Carolina.

The program requires the replacement of the current Image generator and databases, replacement of the display system projectors and refurbishment of the existing dome shell structures, host and instructor computer system replacements, upgrade to the existing Tactical Environment (TEn) system, replacement of the motion system control electronics hardware, refurbishment of the existing motion system transducers and servo valves, aural cue and communications system tech refresh and several cockpit block upgrades. ASI will also provide a flight dynamic model upgrade to enhance the flying fidelity of the devices.