HC-144A Ocean Sentry

Customer: U.S. Navy, Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD)

User: United Stated Coast Guard, Aviation Training Center (ATC), Mobile, Alabama.

ASI was selected by NAWCTSD to deliver the HC-144A Operational Flight Trainer Program. Awarded by the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division, the $22.3M program directly supports the U.S. Coast Guard’s aviation training requirements for this new aircraft platform.

The program requires the development and delivery of an HC-144A Operational Flight Trainer, supporting systems and related documentation to the U.S. Coast Guard’s Aviation Training Center in Mobile, Alabama. ASI will deliver a variety of trainer subsystems and supporting systems, including a 6-DOF Motion System, a first-of-its-kind 290°x60° Glass Visual Display System, Image Generator, Visual/Sensor Databases, Visual Database Generation System (VDBGS), Computer Aided Debrief Station (CADS) and Software Support Environment (SSE). ASI will also develop and deliver a variety of training courses and Contractor Field Services.

As part of the program, ASI will lead a Flight Test using a Coast Guard provided aircraft to capture the data required to meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Level D simulator requirements. This data collection and model development/validation will ensure that the delivered system fully meets the Coast Guard’s defined HC-144A training requirements.

ASI will also provide Program Management, Logistics Support, and Contractor Field Services to support the successful completion of this program.

About the HC-144A Ocean Sentry

The HC-144A Ocean Sentry is the first all-new aircraft delivered to the Coast Guard as part of its recapitalization program. The HC-144A is based on the highly successful CASA CN-235 military airplane, already in use around the world as a patrol, surveillance and transport platform. The HC-144A will replace the Coast Guard’s aging fleet of HU-25 Falcon jets as the service’s medium range surveillance aircraft. (USCG.mil)