HH-60J, HH-65, and HU-25 Operational Flight Trainers

ASI received a contract from the U.S. Coast Guard in September 1996 to rehost the HU-25 and HH-65 Operational Flight Trainers (OFTs) at the USCG Air Training Command (ATC) facility in Mobile, AL. ASI’s accomplishments included the rehost of these two OFTs from Gould 32/77 to Encore Infinity/RSX models, improving the aerodynamics simulation of the HH-65, adding simulation of the Terrain Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) I to the HH-60J and HH-65, adding simulation of TCAS II to the HU-25, and clearing over 300 pre-existing trainer discrepancies. In 1998, ASI received the small business award from the U.S. Department of Transportation for performance at ATC Mobile on this contract. The contract was completed in February 1999.

ASI received another contract from the U.S. Coast Guard in February 1999 to provide maintenance support and modifications to these three OFTs. In addition to successfully maintaining the trainers, ASI’s accomplishments have included clearing pre-existing trainer discrepancies and replacing the Instructor/Operation Station (IOS) on each OFT with a flat-panel IOS utilizing a Graphical User Interface that was developed by ASI. This contract runs through September 2002.

ASI also received a contract from American Systems Corporation (ASC) in May 2001 under a program to refurbish, upgrade and modify these three OFTs. This effort includes computer system re-hosting, replacement of the I/O systems, replacement of the visual systems and delivery of new visual databases, replacement of the control loading systems, replacement of the weather radar simulation system, and upgrades of the simulated avionics systems. The avionics upgrades include addition of the WX-1000+ STORMSCOPE, replacement of the Inertial Sensor System simulation with the LTN-72 Inertial Navigation System (INS), including the Control Display Unit (CDU) and Mode Selector Unit (MSU), plus upgrade of the Area Navigation (RNAV) and Terrain Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) simulations to reflect the current aircraft configuration. ASI had already developed successful design approaches for most of these upgrades on the C-2A OFT and CH-46E APT programs. In doing so, ASI had assembled a team of suppliers who each provided certain elements within ASI’s innovative solutions. This same team developed the ASC Team’s winning solution for this latest Coast Guard requirement. This contract will run through March 2003 if all program options are exercised.