HH-60J / HH-65C Reconfigurable Cockpit Procedures Trainer

Customer: U.S. Coast Guard

User: U.S. Coast Guard Air Training Center

ASI was selected by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) to rapidly design, manufacture, and deliver a Reconfigurable Cockpit Procedures Trainer (RCPT) for the USCG Air Training Center (ATC). The RCPT is a low cost / high fidelity trainer offering the USCG an additional training platform to train both HH-60J and HH-65C pilots at the ATC in Mobile AL. The RCPT incorporates approved Operational Flight Training software, simulated flight controls and rudder pedals with toe brakes. The throttle quadrant and Multi-Functional Control Display Unit are simulated on the flat panel touch screens. With the high-quality large format TFT AMLCD color Surface Acoustic Wave touch-screen displays, the photo-realistic pilot and co-pilot instrument panels, center console, and overhead panels are transformed instantaneously from an HH-60J to an HH-65C configuration. Fully digital control loading offers real-flight forces and cues. PC-based Image Generator (IG) provides for effective training at minimal cost. Any of several large panel displays can be used. High fidelity aural cue system is the same as that used on other full-flight trainers.

The RCPT provides the USCG with a robust and versatile cockpit procedures trainer (CPT) for its Aviation Training Center. The trainer is used as part of an integrated training system for initial, requalification and recurrent training in the USCG’s HH65C and HH60J rotary wing aircraft. The RCPT is an invaluable training tool before introduction to actual aircraft operations for transition and requalification students. Specifically, the RCPT employs the latest commercially available host computer system, can be reconfigured from one aircraft to another in less than five minutes, includes a simulated Control Display Units (CDU) and Tactical Navigation (TACNAV) system, and all of the aerodynamic, engines, aircraft systems, and functionalities of the HH-60J and HH-65C OFTs.

The following HH-60J / HH-65C systems were developed and integrated by ASI:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Avionics
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Flight Control Systems
  • Auto Test Systems
  • Control Loading
  • Navigation Systems
  • Auto Pilot System
  • Instructor / Operator Station
  • Engines
  • Electrical Systems
  • Rotor System
  • Computer System
  • Aural Cue System

ASI also provided Program Management services, Logistics Support services, and Contractor Field Services to support the successful completion of this program.

Delivery Status and Customer Satisfaction

Deliveries were on time with complete satisfaction by the customer and the users. The RCPT was accepted by the USCG within 12 months of contract award.

About the HH-60J Jayhawk

Sikorsky’s HH-60J JAYHAWK™ helicopter provides the U.S. Coast Guard with a rugged and reliable multi-role platform from which to perform its wide variety of missions. The Jayhawk’s state-of-the art radar, radio, and navigation equipment enables the helicopter to carry out the Coast Guard’s search and rescue, law enforcement, military readiness, and marine environmental protection missions efficiently and effectively. Though normally stationed ashore, the Jayhawk can be carried aboard 270-foot WMEC and 378-foot WHEC Coast Guard Cutters. These cutters are capable of refueling and supporting the helicopter for the duration of a cutter patrol.

About the HH-65C Dolphin

Aerospatiale’s HH-65C helicopter provides the U.S. Coast Guard an airframe that is deployable from shore or from medium and high endurance Coast Guard Cutters. The Dolphin’s main jobs are to provide for search and rescue, National Capital Region Air Defense (defend/intercept light aircraft in the Washington DC area and deter any possible intrusion or attack), enforcement of laws and treaties (including drug interdiction), marine environmental protection including pollution control, Airborne Use of Force (AUF), and military readiness.

The HH-65 minimum equipment requirements exceed anything previously packaged into one helicopter weighing in at less than 10,000 pounds. HH-65s are made of corrosion-resistant, composite-structure materials. Also a unique feature of the Dolphin is its computerized flight management system which integrates state-of-the-art communications and navigation equipment. This system provides automatic flight control. At the pilot’s direction, the system will bring the aircraft to a stable hover 50 feet above a selected object. This is an important safety feature in darkness or inclement weather. Selected search patterns can be flown automatically, freeing the pilot and copilot to concentrate on sighting the search object.