T-34C, T-44A, TH-57B and TH-57C Operational Flight Trainers

ASI received a contract from NAWCTSD in June 1998 to modify forty-five T-34C, T-44A, TH-57B, and TH-57C flight trainers located at NAS Whiting Field, NAS Pensacola, and NAS Corpus Christi, and to provide Interactive Courseware (ICW) for the T-44A trainers. The upgrade to the thirty-one T-34C trainers (Devices 2B37, 2B37A, 2B37B, and 2C42) includes addition of a simulated Global Positioning System (GPS) and VHF radio selector. The upgrade to the five T-44A trainers (Devices 2F129) includes computer rehost, I/O system replacement, simulation of a Flight Management System, and replacement of the Instructor/Operator Station (IOS) with a new ASI design. The computer rehost involves replacing Encore 32/77 processors with Pentium II processors using the Linux non-proprietary operating system. The modification of the TH-57B and TH-57C trainers (Devices 2C67 and 2B42) includes incorporation of torquemeter and turbine inlet temperature instruments in all nine trainers, and incorporation of GPS in six of them.

ASI also received a contract from NAVSURWARCEN in March 1999 to complete the Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) for four of the T-34C trainers (Device 2B37B) started by another contractor. This involved completing control loading modifications and installing new and refurbished cockpit panels in the four trainers. ASI completed the SLEP of two of the trainers by March 2000. As the result of a contract modification, one of the remaining trainers was shipped to ASI’s facility so that ASI could dramatically improve the aerodynamic flying qualities and correct all discrepancies remaining from the previous contract. ASI completed this activity in May 2001. The contract was also modified to include rehosting all eight 2B37B trainers to a PC-based computer system. This activity was completed in November 2001.