UH-60P Full Flight Simulator

Customer: DoDaam Systems Ltd.

User: Republic of Korea Army

ASI was selected by DoDaam Systems Ltd (a South Korean company) to provide engineering services, hardware systems, software systems, documentation, aircraft systems interface analysis, systems engineering and management support for a UH-60P Full Flight Simulator (FFS) for the Republic of Korea Army (ROKA). The deliverable device was designed and produced to meet FAA AC 120-63 Level D fidelity requirements. ASI worked with Sikorsky Aircraft engineers and test pilots to develop, tune and validate the flight dynamics model.

The UH-60P FFS provides a high fidelity simulation of the actual UH-60P helicopter in the areas of flight and navigation, under the direct supervision of an instructor. The mission of the UH-60P FFS is to provide the ROKA with the capability to train and qualify UH-60P crewmembers at a rate consistent with operational demands. The FFS provides training in aircraft operations using normal and emergency procedures. This includes procedures for preflight, prestart, start, ground operations, pre-takeoff, takeoff, normal and emergency flight, engine shutdown/secure, post-shutdown, avionics familiarity, tactical support procedures, and search and rescue procedures.

The following UH-60P systems were developed and/or integrated by ASI:

  • Flight Dynamics
  • Flight Controls
  • Aircraft Systems
  • AFCS / Autopilot
  • Engines
  • Blade Element Rotor Model
  • Avionics Systems
  • Navigation Systems
  • Instructor / Operator Station
  • Host Computer System
  • Auto Test System
  • Communication System
  • Aural Cue System

ASI also provided Program Management and Logistics Support services to support the successful completion of this program

Delivery Status and Customer Satisfaction

Deliveries were on time with complete satisfaction by the customer and the users.

About the UH-60P Blackhawk

The UH-60P is manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation and is a variant of the famous UH-60 Blackhawk utilized by the U.S. Army. This highly versatile aircraft is utilized in over 20 different countries. The UH-60P is a twin turbine engine, single rotor, semimonocoque fuselage, rotory wing helicopter. With a crew of three, it can carry eleven combat equipped troops with optional seating of fourteen arranged in various configurations, and internal and external cargo. Primary mission capability of the UH-60P is tactical support of troops, supplies, and equipment. Secondary missions include training, mobilization, development of new and improved concepts, and support of disaster relief.