Aero Simulation, Inc. (ASI) attended the 55th Annual Tailhook Reunion ( ) in Reno, NV.  ASI’s booth included the E-2C Reconfigurable Flight Training Device (RFTD) demonstrator trainer ( This year’s Tailhook celebrated the Centennial of Naval Aviation (

The RFTD was one of three flight simulators at the event.  The F/A-18G Growler and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter CPTs were also at Tailhook.  The device was a hit with the attendees.  Especially delighted were the E-2C pilots who watched their F/A-18 and EA-6B brethren attempt to land it on a carrier!  This is ASI’s second year at Tailhook.   At the time, ASI had sold two E-2C/C-2A RFTDs to the U.S. Navy and one HH-60J/HH-65C RFTD to the U.S. Coast Guard.