Tampa, Florida (October 11, 2021) — Aero Simulation Inc. (ASI) is pleased to announce its latest win to develop the Remote Simulator Instructor (RSI) capability for Air Education and Training Command. The RSI capability will link a remote commercial site to a T-6 Aircrew Training Device (ATD) located at an Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) base for remote, real-time instruction of students. To help alleviate the challenges surrounding flight instructor manning, RSI will allow instructors to live and work in locations other than the undergraduate training bases but still have complete situational awareness of, and interaction with their students when the simulator and instructor station are linked.  This effort is a Delivery Order under ASI’s Training Systems Acquisition (TSA) III contract facilitated by the Simulators Program Office of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s Agile Combat Support Directorate. The work to be performed will provide support directly to AETC for the development of new and transformational Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) technology.

“ASI is excited to expand our collaboration with AETC to deliver such a critical capability that has significant potential to improve the lives of students and instructors across the command,” said Mike Conti, Chief Executive Officer, ASI.  “We are a leader in distributed operations including our work on the Navy Aviation Distributed Training Center, which provides multi-level security LVC and DMO capability across the Navy’s training systems, and on several of our aircrew training systems contracts where we enable LVC and DMO capabilities for aircrew training. RSI will be unique in these efforts by providing our customer the ability  to tap instructors from just about anywhere they choose utilizing a user-friendly platform.”

ASI supports AETC as an awardee on their Basic Ordering Agreement for LVC technologies and as the prime contractor for their T-1A and T-38C Training Systems, which consist of various fidelity aircrew training devices across multiple sites providing Pilot and Combat Systems Operator training as part of Undergraduate Pilot and Navigator Training.  ASI provides Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) and engineering modifications and upgrades to the devices. ASI’s RSI solution will build on the Cybersecurity, LVC, and DMO expertise of the engineering staff at our Tampa, FL headquarters.

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