ASI attended the VAW-VRC Reunion in San Diego, CA. 

This reunion brings together current and past pilots, NFOs, enlisted personnel and civilians who support and operate the E-2C and C-2A aircraft.  This year an Active Duty Leadership panel consisting of three active duty Captains (CAPT Yancy Lindsey, CAPT Matt Danehy, and CAPT Todd Watkins) and three active duty Admirals (RDML Herm Shelanski, RDML Matt Klunder, ADM Scott Sanders).  The leadership answered various questions about the future of Naval Aviation in general and specifically the E-2 and C-2 communities. 

ASI continues to support the E-2 and C-2 communities through development and modification of high quality flight simulation devices including the 2F166 (E-2C OFT), 2F110 (E-2C OFT), 2F210 (E-2D OFT), 2F2110F (French E-2C OFT), 2F211 (E-2D APT), 2F168 (C-2A OFT), and 2C85 (E-2/C-2 RFTD). 

Proceeds from the reunion help support the VAW-VRC Ready Room aboard the USS Midway Museum in San Diego, CA.