Tampa, Florida (April 13, 2023) — Aero Simulation Inc. (ASI) is delighted to announce its latest award from the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), the Integrated Maintenance, Operation and Modification Support (IMOMS) contract to support the Aviation Training Center (ATC) in Mobile, AL. This award marks the seventh consecutive, competitive IMOMS contract win for ASI where they will continue to deliver supply management, maintenance, operations, in-service engineering, modifications, and new devices. The ATC will be assisted by proficient site personnel who have cross-functional expertise and will be reinforced by flexible reach-back engineering, management, and technical support abilities. 


“ASI is committed to delivering on our promises, and over time that builds confidence in our customers unsurpassed in the industry,” said Mike Conti, CEO of ASI. “The Coast Guard has seen our work over twenty-five years and continues to trust us with their valuable assets and missions.” There are currently 26 diverse training devices that support six aircraft types, including MH-60T Jayhawk, MH-65D and MH-65E Dauphin, HC-144B Ocean Sentry, C-27J Spartan, and C-130 Super Hercules. The devices include:  


  • MH-60T Desktop Part Task Trainers (PTT)
  • MH-60T Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT)
  • MH-60T Operational Flight Trainer (OFT)
  • MH-65E2 OFT
  • MH-65D2 OFT
  • MH-65 Reconfigurable Cockpit Procedures Trainer
  • MH-65E Cockpit Avionics Procedures Trainers
  • MH-65E1 OFT
  • HC-144B Reconfigurable Flight Trainer Device
  • HC-144B OFT
  • C-27J OFT
  • Aircrew Weapons Trainer
  • C-130 Airborne Sensor Palletized Electronic Reconnaissance (CASPER) Sensor Pallet Trainer
  • Minotaur Operational Readiness Trainer


These training devices, most of which employ stimulated aircraft avionics and cockpit components, require services outside the typical scope of a contractor operation and maintenance support contract. ASI’s success with the IMOMS program goes beyond just maintaining the trainers; they have been able to eliminate pre-existing discrepancies in the trainers, perform obsolescence and concurrency upgrades, and deliver new devices. Additionally, the company carries out avionics simulation and stimulation upgrades, flight dynamics modeling, Instructor Operator Station replacements, host replacements, and Image Generator and Visual Display System replacements and integration. 


ASI takes pride in their history supporting the U.S. Coast Guard’s only ATC, which spans over 25 years, and with extensive experience in USCG aircraft, training devices and philosophies, they continue to exceed expectations.  

About Aero Simulation, Inc. 

With nearly 40 years of experience, ASI is a leader for innovative simulation system design and manufacture; cost-effective modifications, upgrades, technology insertions, and relocations; and sustainment and site support for government, military, and commercial customers worldwide.   

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