ASI Capabilities

ASI originally conceptualized to built, modify, and develop flight training devices for the U.S. Military.  

However, over time we have found that a great deal of efficiencies can be captured and passed along to the customer in time and cost savings by creating multiple organic capabilities in house.

Some of these are inherent in any MS&T company; others are unique to ASI. Overall, these capabilities have been applied in a number of area required to perform at a high-level for other training devices such as Fire Fighting Trainers and Maintenance Trainers, and more recently in by our In-House Innovation Scrum who is tasked with tracking and leading Industry innovation in Cyber and Live, Virtual, Constructive Reality products and programs.  

And, as such, can be applied to modifications, development, and sustainment of other training devices.

Program Management Systems Engineering Systems Integration
Software Engineering Hardware Engineering Integrated Logistics Support
Cyber Security Configuration Management Quality Assurance
Manufacturing Academic Systems Development Documentation Development