Documentation Development

Documentation Development is important because documents are the only tangible way of representing the hardware to software integration, coding representations and changes; the overall the software design processes, training material for use and maintenance are all critical to a quality device and its delivery (for both the end-users and future developers on the same device).

ASI ensures our developers have experience in the fields for the documents they are developing.  For example, experienced maintainers for our maintenance documentation, experienced operators for our operations documents, and experienced logisticians for our logistics documents.  Our systems, hardware, and software engineers provide the primary input to our engineering documents.

ASI knows that standardized documents must have a consistent appearance, structure and quality, and should therefore be easier to read and understand by the appropriate audience.

Our documentation process standards define the process used to produce documents in accordance with each clients’ individual requirements and protocols and to ASI’s exacting standards. We set out the procedures involved in document development and the software tools used for document production; we define checking and refinement procedures to ensure that high-quality documents are produced, QA’ed, and delivered.

The ASI document process quality standards are rigid toward quality, accessibility to users, and scalability per job, but also flexible and able to cope with all types of documents and client requests and requirements.