Hardware Engineering

ASI Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, along with our Computer Aided Designers are highly adept at produce designs to meet the stringent requirements of our customers.  Whether designing new systems from scratch, or providing modifications for existing systems, they follow

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ASI’s team of Hardware Engineers do advanced research, design, development, and testing of aerodynamic, bathymetric, thermodynamic, meteorologic, and all levels of synthetic environment computer systems and components such as processors, circuit boards, servos, networks, flight controls, routers, etc. 

Through their vision and work, they influence the direction of ASI’s world famous flight and non-flight simulation devices.

ASI’s Hardware Engineers steer design processes from start to finish. They begin by assessing their client’s needs and recommendations, and finish with quality control checks on implemented systems.

Our Engineers often work closely with Software developers, cyberspace SMEs, U.S. Military operational pilots and aircrews, and fabrication and build technicians to create synthetic reality for our end-users.

The architects of the computer technology field, hardware engineers pay close attention to the complete design process. They are responsible for creating blueprints, adhering to cost estimates and following logistical recommendations.