VRATD: Virtual Reality Training Device – IITSEC 2021

After years of IR&D funding and a year executing a Phase II SBIR, ASI is ready to deliver high fidelity, low cost Extended Reality (AR/MR/VR) Aircrew Training Devices.  These devices have the same high-fidelity aircraft replication as the software running the Full Flight Simulators with a lower price point and life cycle cost.


E-2D Operational Flight Trainer (OFT) – Air Refueling:

ASI has developed a high-fidelity physics model for the articulation of the simulated hose and drogue model of a Collins Aerospace EP-8100 Image Generator.

This model provides refueling aircraft dynamics (wake buffeting), hose and drogue dynamics and simulated malfunctions. As seen in the video, five different refueling aircraft are simulated with aircraft specific dynamics, wake buffeting and lighting.

This capability has been a great boon to the training of E-2D pilots as they transition to the Air Refueling capable aircraft for the first time.

NAVAIR public release SPR-2019-844. Distribution Statement A, approved for public release, distribution is unlimited.


Time Lapse Assembly and Flight of the HC-144 Operational Flight Trainer:

The HC-144 trainer seen in this video was assembled at ASI in Tampa, FL. It was delivered to the U.S. Coast Guard’s Aviation Training Center in Mobile, Alabama. This device features a variety of trainer subsystems and supporting systems, including a 6-DoF Electric Motion System, the World’s Largest (290° x 60°) Collimated Glass Visual Display System on motion, Image Generator, Visual/Sensor Databases, Computer Aided Debrief Station (CADS) and Software Support Environment (SSE).



 HC-144A Operational Flight Trainer for the U.S. Coast Guard:

Providing the ultimate in Out-The-Window realism, this Level D simulator is the world’s largest collimated visual display system on a motion platform, offering an incredible 290° x 60° Field Of View.



Introducing the CH-53E FTD Simulator:

Christie Digital trade study video on the CH-53E flight training device, built by Aero SImulation.



HC-144A Ocean Sentry Operation Flight Trainer