Customer: U.S. Navy, Naval Air Warfare Center, Training Systems Division (NAWC-TSD)

User: VAW-120, NAS Norfolk, VA

ASI was awarded a Delivery Order under the Training Systems Contract III (TSC III) for the Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) of the C-2A simulator.  This device was originally built by ASI and we have performed all major upgrades since the delivery in 2003.

The program required the replacement of the current Image Generator and databases with Rockwell Collins products which are common to our E-2D and E-2C devices, replacement of the display system, Host Computer, Instructor Station, Weather Radar System, Digital Control Loaders, and Input/Output System.

ASI also supplied an improved Flight Model to enhance training fidelity for the pilots who are essential to carrying supplies, mail, and passengers to U.S. Navy aircraft carriers around the world.