E-2D Hawkeye Integrated Training System – Aircrew (HITS-A) Program – Operational Flight Trainers and Aircrew Procedure Trainers

Customer: Rockwell-Collins Simulation and Training Systems (STS)

Procuring Agency: Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWC-TSD)

End User: U.S. Navy

Under the comprehensive E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Integrated Training System for Aircrew (HITS-A) Program, as a subcontractor to Rockwell Collins; this was the first of our three successful iterations of the HITS programs supporting the development of a state-of-the-art, fully integrated training system for E-2D aircrew, including Pilots and Naval Flight Officers that ASI won.

The E-2D HITS-A (and II and III) Program includes the delivery of an Instructional Training System and Training Devices, including Flight and Tactics Trainers and related logistics support.

ASI’s role on the program includes developing and delivering state-of-the art E-2D Operational Flight Trainers (OFTs) and Aircrew Procedures Trainers (APTs), Devices 2F210 and 2F211 respectively.  The subcontract award establishes ASI as the recognized leader in E-2 and C-2A Flight Training Systems. ASI’s excellent past performance supporting the E-2/C-2A flight training communities and proposed best value solution for the E-2D HITS-A requirement provided the strong foundation for this award.

The effort includes the development and integration of all systems required for complex high fidelity flight training systems, including full fidelity cockpits, communications and aural cueing systems, control loading and vibration systems, Instructor Operator Stations, visual systems, and Brief/Debrief systems. Deliveries of ASI’s first systems were made to NAS Norfolk in 2012 to support Operational Evaluation of the E-2D aircraft. Remaining training systems were delivered to support the Navy’s Initial Operational Capability milestone in 2013 with trainer installations planned for NAS Norfolk, VA and NAS Pt. Mugu, CA.

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