In 2009, the U.S. Coast Guard awarded ASI a 1 year base contract with 2 option years. to continue support of ATC Mobile as the Period of Performance.  During this time, ASI continued to maintain all devices at greater than 95% availability and performed modifications using on site personnel and support personnel from our Tampa, FL office.  Major updates included Instructor Station, Visual Database, Weather Radar,  Aero Model, Cockpit, and Visual Display updates among many others.  For an overview of the IMOMS Contracts, go here.  At that time, the site training devices included:


This contract requires ASI to operate and maintain the following devices year-round:

6   MH-60T Desktop Part Task Trainers
1   MH-60T Cockpit Procedures Trainer
1   HH-65/HH-60 Reconfigurable Cockpit Procedures Trainer
1   HH-65C Operational Flight Trainer
1   HU-25A Operational Flight Trainer
1   C-130 Airborne Sensor Palletized Electronic Reconnaissance (CASPER) Sensor Pallet Trainer