ASI has been under contract from the U.S. Coast Guard since February 1999 to provide maintenance support and modifications to the USCG Aviation Training Center flight training devices. The USCG Aviation Training Center Integrated, Maintenance, Operation and Modification Support IDIQ, called IMOMS, has been one of ASI’s bedrock programs of success since it’s first competition back in 98. Our respect and knowledge of the customer, and our professionalism in on- and off-site support for their training needs has created a partnership unmatched in Industry. 

The Department of Homeland Security, United States Coast Guard (USCG), Aviation Training Center (ATC) located in Mobile, Alabama currently utilizes operational flight trainers, cockpit procedure trainers, desktop part-task trainers, and an interoperable weapons trainer in order to qualify over 700+ student aviators and aircrew annually through transition, qualification, re-qualification, and proficiency courses.

These training devices, most of which employ stimulated aircraft avionics and cockpit components, require services outside the typical scope of a contractor operation and maintenance support contract. Integrated Maintenance, Operation and Modification Support (IMOMS) unifies operations, maintenance, supply management, in-service engineering, and modifications under a single contractor with experienced site personnel who are multi-disciplined, cross trained and supported by agile reach-back engineering, management and technical support capabilities.

In addition to successfully maintaining the trainers, ASI’s accomplishments have included clearing pre-existing trainer discrepancies, replacing the Instructor/Operation Station (IOS) on each OFT with a flat-panel IOS utilizing a Graphical User Interface that was developed by ASI, numerous avionics simulation and stimulation upgrades, upgrades for engine replacements, Image Generator and Visual Display Systems replacement/integrations, and training device hardware obsolescence upgrades. ASI has a long and proud history supporting the USCG’s only Aviation Training Center.  ASI’s extensive experience with the USCG aircraft, training devices, and training philosophies and needs has ensured the USCG’s unique training requirements have continued to be met.

This contract requires ASI to operate and maintain the following devices year-round:

6   MH-60T Desktop Part Task Trainers
1   MH-60T Cockpit Procedures Trainer
1   MH-60T Operational Flight Trainer
1   MH-65D1 Operational Flight Trainer
1   MH-65D2 Operational Flight Trainer
1   MH-65 Reconfigurable Cockpit Procedures Trainer
8   MH-65E Cockpit Avionics Procedures Trainers
1   MH-65E Operational Flight Trainer
1   HC-144B Reconfigurable Flight Trainer Device
1   HC-144B Operational Flight Trainer
1   Aircrew Weapons Trainer
1   C-130 Airborne Sensor Palletized Electronic Reconnaissance (CASPER) Sensor Pallet Trainer