Japan Air Self Defense Force (JASDF) E-2C Reconfigurable Flight Training Device (RFTD)

Customer: Northrop Grumman

End User: Japan Air Self Defense Force

After the successful development and delivery of the E-2C/D RFTD for JASDF, ASI received a contract to expand the reconfigurability of the RFTD to include an E-2D variant for Misawa Air Base, Japan in September of 2019.

Additions will include two new cabinets to contain the aircraft equipment to drive the E-2D cockpit, new Flight Dynamics model and new engines model. 

In addition to the multiple avionics, radar, and blade efficiency advancements brought to the E-2 community by the introduction of the E-2D; JASDF ordered their Fleet with something no other aircraft had to that point: Wet-Wings (fuel tanks in the wings). 

ASI’s team of engineers worked directly with the OEM design engineers to research and develop this unique capability. Note: the U.S. and French E-2 Fleet use aerial re-fueling. 

The ASI RFTD for JASDF would have a one-of-a-kind Wet-Wing training capability. This was a huge leap forward for the live aviation and synthetic simulation industry.