ASI’s Live, Virtual, & Constructive (LVC) SME has taken a leading role in Operation Blended Warrior (OBW) since it began in 2015; ASI was co-lead for 2016 and Primary Lead for 2017.  

The future of the Joint and International operational success will rely on new technologies to train our military forces. LVC is a critical requirement for our Warfighters to meet increasing operational requirements and complexities.

OBW was created to exploit LVC technology to showcase issues, challenges, and solutions associated with implementing LVC capabilities into our training systems at the World’s largest Modeling, Simulation, and Training event, I/ITSEC in Orlando. 

ASI lead over 40 industry and government participants working together across a variety of operational mission sets in the following domains: air, cyber, ground, and maritime. The efforts from each year’s 4-day event are critical to defining the standards and requirements for future development of LVC initiatives.

During each OBW time slot, NAWCTSD’s IT Department collaborated with Industry showcase some of the latest LVC capabilities across a wide range of operational missions from a ‘Command Center’ perspective at the NAWCTSD Booth and then from the Industry Partners’ perspective from their booths networked in from all over the I/ITSEC show floor with ASI’s LVS SME coordinating and narrating from the stage between the two.

*The current iteration of OBW 2018 planning is underway and being led by a small team of Industry Partners, to include ASI, with Active Duty CDR Gil Gay, USN, from NAWCTSD as the PM.

You can see some of the way ASI’s team of LVC and Distributed Training SMEs are putting this innovation to use by following the Navy Aviation Distributed Training Center (NADTC) is being developed. 

ASI Leading OBW I/ITSEC 2017

ASI Leading OBW I/ITSEC 2016