ASI received a contract from NAWCTSD to improve the flight fidelity of the Device 2F64C Weapon Systems Trainer (WST), to incorporate aircraft system changes, and to implement other general improvements. At the time ASI received this contract, the WST was being modified by another contractor to replace the original Harris 1000 host computer system with a Harris Nighthawk system.

Within a few months after ASI received this contract, NAWCTSD terminated the re-host effort and asked ASI, as a modification of the contract scope, to rapidly re-install and integrate the original Harris 1000 host computer system, and to also integrate a new digital electric control loading system.

ASI accomplished these tasks in approximately six weeks and had the trainer back in service.

ASI then upgraded the host computer system from the Harris 1000 to a Harris 1200-3 to enable the use of FORTRAN source code, so that all of the simulation enhancements could be written in FORTRAN rather than assembly language, for improved maintainability and lower cost of ownership.

ASI’s other accomplishments included upgrading the flight simulation software model to match a full set of new flight test data, and modifying the engine simulation to reflect the T58-GE-402 instead of the T58-GE-10. Other aircraft system simulation changes included incorporating the Low Response Cargo Hook and adding the AN/ARC-182 radio system. The general improvements included porting the Instructor/Operator Station (IOS) software to a PC for improved maintainability and interfacing it to the existing simulation software.