Customer: U.S. Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC)

User: U.S. Air Force Air Education and Training Command (AETC)

ASI won a contract from the U.S. Air Force AFLCMC to support and maintain:

  •  14 Unit Training Devices (UTDs)
  • 10 Operational Flight Trainers (OFTs)
  • 12 Weapon System Trainers (WSTs)

at 5 Air Force bases:

  • Randolph AFB
  • Laughlin AFB
  • Sheppard AFB
  • Vance AFB
  • Columbus AFB

ASI currently has on-site support staff in each of these locations to ensure operational readiness and aircraft concurrency. 

The initial upgrades included ASI’s design, development, manufacturing, integration and testing of hardware and software for the first device… We designed a solution to use the Interstate Electronics Corporation 9002 Flight Management System (FMS) and install it into the Device 2F129 training system.  To provide the highest degree of realism, the FMS was stimulated from the host computer and used actual aircraft control display units (CDUs) and receiver processor units (RPUs). 

The RPU received data from the host by way of an RS422 interface. 

ICW lessons were be developed for the I4E14 computer-based training device. 

This success led to ASI developing install kits for S/N 2-5 and upgrading them to this baseline. All the associated manuals and training materials were re-written to accommodate the advancement in technology.

We also designed, developed, manufactured, integrated and tested the hardware and software for an Instructor Operator Station (IOS) and a rehost of the Simulation Computer, and Software Development System for the the T-44A Training System, Device 2F129 & S/N(s) 1-5.