Reconfigurable Aircrew Training Device (RATD)

As the commercial and military flight industry moves from high-cost, extremely large, generally single-purpose, and “one-off” model training devices to more affordable in purchase and sustainment, life-size yet compact and portable, and versatile and flexible from general to tactical training – The  ASI Reconfigurable Aircrew Training Device (RATD) has been answering the call. 

Whether you’re talking about the fixed-wing RATD(s) we’ve made for Northrup Grumman for research and design through end-user training and qualification like the Japan Air Self Defense Force (JASDF) E-2C Reconfigurable Flight Training Device (RFTD) or you need highly advanced rotary avionics and mission training for one of the World’s deadliest flight regimes like the typhoon and hurricane Search and Rescue crews of the United States Coast Guard depend upon, the ASI RFTD is the answer you’ve been looking for.

These training units incorporate approved “Level D” type Operational  Flight Training software and actual aircraft primary and secondary flight controls and seats to provide the same look and feel of an OFT at a fraction of the price from design, purchase, through decades of sustainment. By ordering a tested, proven, delivered, and successfully employed FTD like the ASI RFTD, you’re saving yourself the time, risk, NRE, and expense of rolling the dice with a less-reputable company.

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