Software Design

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ASI develops software to operate within the stringent real time requirements required for flight simulation.  We develop our software in a number of languages depending on the customer and product requirements primarily C and C++.  We’ve developed software in FORTRAN, Ada, Java, Python, and a number of other languages including Assembly!

Our software developers are not generally programmers; they have a wide educational background including; Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, and of course, Aero Engineering.

ASI integrates IEEE/EIA 12207 requirements with tailored processes to provide a single, integrated management approach for each project. The software and systems engineering teams work cooperatively to properly flow-down scope and design allocations. ASI uses the Development Process (IEEE Std 12207-2008 Clause 6.4 Technical Process and IEEE Std 15288-2008 Clause 6.4 Technical Process) to define the activities and tasks of the software developer.