Systems Engineering

ASI uses a modified waterfall approach for its systems engineering life cycle model. ASI fully develops and documents the development process in the Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) and uses IEEE/EIA 12207-2008, IEEE 15288-2008 and ASI Work Instruction for guidance in determining program strategy and tailoring of development activities accordingly.


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The team of ASI Systems Engineers design, coordinate, and lead the translation of an operational requirement from the client into a full training and learning system designed to meet that need.

Our System Engineering process integrates the inputs of all the required technical disciplines into a coordinated effort that meets established performance, cost, and schedule goals. ASI’s Systems Engineers provide the leadership and coordination of the planning, development, and engineering of technical systems, including hardware and software components and are generally either the Project Lead Engineer or the Program Manager, but may also be a close adviser to these professionals and all members of the team on any given project.