Systems Integration

ASI became adept at Systems Integration during the early days of the Company’s history performing integration in the field on modification projects   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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ASI’s Core Competency of System Integration (SI) began at the very beginning when we cut our teeth upgrading, augmenting, and generally fixing the simulators other companies had delivered.

Since those early days, our SI process has matured to encompass the engineering processes responsible for the development and testing of control systems for engines using all forms of advanced technology in design theory, IT, Cyber, and communications systems. We evaluate and test servo, controls, and engine calibrations (among others) with software for real-time embedded systems using model-based software development tools. 

SI also encompasses the responsibility to prepare and support design reviews and other logistical deliveries. Often, the SI Engineers work closely with the Systems Engineers, PEs, and PMs to troubleshoot and resolve system issues from design to delivery.