Transport Delay Test Kit

P/N: ADS800300-02

ASI has developed an intuitive, user-friendly ASI Transport Delay Test Kit which allows data collection from nearly any simulator to measure the inherent time delays in processing a signal through the various computers and software packages.  

The ASI Transport Delay Test Kit measures the transport delay (also called system dynamic response or latency) of a flight trainer between pilot input and pilot cueing outputs.    The unique flexibility of design allows the ASI Transport Delay Test Kit to be used on many levels and types of simulators (airplane, helicopter, tank, ship, crane, car, etc.). No matter the device, our test kit measures and reports the time between the inputs (user control movement) and outputs such as visual system response, and motion system response, primary source of attitude indicators.

A standard order of the ASI Transport Delay Test Kit includes a real-time Data Acquisition Unit (DAQ), two industrial-grade accelerometers, two high-sensitivity photocells, and support for up to 6 additional analog inputs (+-10V). All sensors are analog to remove any latency from the capture path.  A typical setup would entail one accelerometer to be mounted onto the primary control to measure/trigger the ‘start of test’, and the second accelerometer can be mounted to measure the movement of the motion system.  The photocells are typically used to signal the ‘end of test’: One photocell would be mounted facing the visual display system to measure a change in the visual scene.  The second photocell can be pointed at a primary flight display instrument (to measure a change in the aircraft attitude) to capture the delay in avionics data processing and potential display latencies. Six additional analog inputs are provided by 4 connectors at the front plate of the TDTK and can be used to collect additional analog inputs through use of provided standard clip-on adapters. These 4 connectors also carry voltage to allow power to be provided to external sensors: two connectors have additional +-12V provided, the other two provided +5V. This allows ASI to provide additional cabling (incl. sensors) to suit your specific data acquisition needs. The default sampling rate of the TDTK is 3 kHz but can be customized for specific data capture requirements. TDTH IP addressing is defaulted to but can be configured during production to fit your requirements.

The provided software controls the TDTK, collects, plots, and grades the data with the ability to export the results to a customizable PDF document. The collected raw data can be exported into csv format, and plot images can be exported in png format to allow you to create your own reporting or you can use the provided reporting capabilities which provide grading (pass/fail) based on the provided latency limits.  The provided reporting is based on an HTML template which the user can customize to tailor the final PDF report layout.

The Windows 10-based software can run on any standard PC/laptop with an integrated RJ45 ethernet jack to communicate to the test kit Digital Acquisition Module (DAQ) via ethernet.  The application can be configured to collect and label all signals required for your data analysis needs, and store/retrieve settings per project/device.  The provided license key is associated with the DAQ unit serial number which allows the software to be installed on multiple PCs, although only one PC can communicate to the TDTK at any given time.  

The standard kit includes the all items listed below packaged in a compact hard-sided case. The provided case is small and strong enough to be accepted as either carry-on or as checked-in luggage for air travel.

P/N: ADS800300-02

TDTK Deliverable Components List


Carrying case (21”x 16”x 9.5”) + foam inserts


DAQ unit + 120V power cord (6 ft)


Accelerometer + TDTK connector cable (10 ft)


Photo Cell + TDTK connector cable (20 ft)


General Analog Input extender cables (20 ft)


Test lead cable with mini-grabber clips (10 ft)


Cat5 ethernet cable (6 ft)


Misc. Velcro straps Tie Squeeze Releases for fastening/storage of sensors/cabling


Misc. terminators for unused/open connectors


DVD with user manual, software installers, sensor reference information, drawings, connector diagrams



ASI Transport Delay Test Kit:

Part number  ADS800300-02

Cost                $35,500

Leadtime        6 Months ARO


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