Transport Delay Test Kit

ASI has developed an intuitive, user-friendly ASI  Transport Delay Test Kit  which allows data collection from nearly any simulator to measure the inherent time delays in processing a signal through the various computers and software packages.  

The ASI  Transport Delay Test Kit measures the transport delay (also called system dynamic response or latency) of a flight trainer between pilot input and pilot cueing outputs.    The unique flexibility of design allows the ASI Transport Delay Test Kit to be used on many levels and types of simulators (airplane, helicopter, tank, ship, crane, car, etc.). No matter the device, our test kit measures and reports the time between the input(s) (user control movement) and output(s) (primary source of attitude, visual system response, and motion system response, etc.).  

A standard order of the ASI Transport Delay Test Kit includes two industrial-grade accelerometers, two high-sensitivity photocells, and four analog inputs.  One of the accelerometers can be mounted to the primary control to measure the start of the test, and the second one can be used to measure the movement of the motion system if available.  One of the photocells can be pointed at the visual display to measure a change in the visual scene.  The second photocell can be pointed at the primary display to measure a change in the aircraft attitude.  The four analog inputs can be used to collect a variety of data as desired. 

 The software collectsplots, and grades the data with the ability to export the results to a customizable PDF document.  The document lists the raw data collected, as well as a PASS/FAIL grading system based on a specified time requirement.  The software can be installed on a Windows 10-based PC with an RJ45 ethernet jack to communicate to the test kit Digital Acquisition Module (DAQ).  The system can be configured to collect all the signals required for your data analysis needs. The default sampling rate is 4 kHz but can be customized for specific data capture requirements. The provided license key is associated with the DAQ unit serial numberallowing the software to be installed on multiple PCs.  

The standard kit includes the two accelerometers and two photocells, a DAQ, all required cables, documentation, and digital media containing the software; all packaged in a compact hard-sided case.  


Placing an order for the “ADS800300-02” ASI Transport Delay Test Kit: $35,500 6 Months ARO


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